CBP 121: How to take your patient-producing, in-person workshops completely online—with Alex & Will from Healthy Funnel
Last week, I was interviewed by my friends Alex Engar and Will Boyd of Healthy Funnel. The fun and often funny discussion focused on something I’m incredibly fired up about: How a practice can use webinars to quickly acquire loads of new patients… BOTH telehealth patients AND in-clinic patients.

Thanks to COVID19, I had to temporarily convert my own physiotherapy practice to 100% telehealth visits, and we lost about 50% of our business virtually overnight. The fact we were able to retain and convert 50% of our manual therapy patients into telehealth patients was actually pretty good, but it was still a big hit. So I suddenly needed to find a way to reach a new pool of people who would be interested in telehealth services. 

Necessity being the mother of invention, I was able to crack the code on how to attract new business like a magnet using online workshops! And this is something I believe anyone can learn to do so they’ll have their first patient-generating webinar launched in a week.

In this podcast episode, we walk through all the modules of my new course—the Online Patient Attraction System—and in doing so, you actually get the blueprint and every step of what you’d need to do to start (re)building your practice using webinars. You’ll learn exactly what’s included and how you can get your first high-converting workshop launched in days.

You can watch a recording of the original live event on Facebook.


More specifically, we discuss these topics related to patient-producing webinars:

  • The steps you’ll need to take to create an online workshop that truly brings in new business and is worth your time and effort.
  • Why it’s important to understand all the capabilities of various webinar platforms and how they’ll help or hinder your efforts before you get locked in with a provider
  • Tips for optimizing your webinar registration process to get your audience excited about learning more and showing up live “pre-framed” to take you up on your offer.
  • How to make sure you can work out all the bugs in your tech and production arrangements before you go live on event day.
  • Pro strategies for followup that will entice attendees to become new patients.
  • How conducting a detailed “post-game analysis” will allow you to improve your results in the future and make your next webinar even more productive for your practice.
  • The mindset that will help you get over any fears about being on camera that might hold you back from leveraging this incredible business-building approach.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Interested in learning every detail of how to quickly create patient-producing webinars?

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