*Note: this is part two in a series. To listen to part one, please click here*

In part one, the guys from Duck Legs Podcast hosted me for a Facebook Live video interview. We talked about why I started my cash practice, what you should do if you’re planning to start a cash practice soon, strategy, legalities, mindset, setting rates, and the future of Medicare. 

Now in part two, we continue the interview and I answer questions on how to capitalize on in-person networking, events, and sponsorships, weaving online lead generation components into offline marketing efforts, starting a cash-practice straight out of physical therapy school, documentation,  and the personality of an entrepreneur. In addition to these guiding points, this episode really hones in on the mindset of a business owner and the necessity of pushing through fear when starting a cash-based practice.

More specifically, we discuss:

  • Why documentation is vastly reduced in a cash-based practice, but what is still required in order to protect yourself legally
  • A few HIPAA laws consider when renting a space or storing patient files 
  • One of my favorite guiding questions: “What would this look like if this were easy?” and how to apply it to your business
  • Tips on knowing when and what to outsource or hire out to others when starting a low-overhead private practice
  • The benefits of in-person marketing and relationship building (versus online marketing)
  • How to turn one presentation into an online business generator for years to come
  • The benefits of sponsoring local sports clubs and providing deals for members
  • Why repeated interaction with club/team members can be more effective than using online campaigns alone
  • What you should expect in terms of overhead and required savings when opening your own cash-based practice
  • My stint as a private physical therapist for a wealthy couple who traveled non-stop
  • Cutting costs by skill swapping and bartering when starting a cash practice on a shoestring budget (i.e. exchange treatment for a website design)



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