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Brenda Shelton – private-pay practice ownerEver think that cash-based practices can only work and be successful in larger metropolitan areas? With lots of wealthy people? Today’s interviewee, Brenda Shelton PT, is a great example why that’s just not true. She is one of a growing number of successful out-of-network clinics in smaller communities and rural areas, and discusses how referral sources and marketing change when you move from the insurance-based realm into the cash-based model. She’s been a PT for nearly 40 years, has had her private-pay practice for 10 years, and plans to treat patients for many years to come because her practice is so enjoyable and accommodating to the life she wants to lead.

In this episode, we discuss these cash-practice topics:

  • Her entry into private practice after nearly 30 years in the PT field
  • What skills she has acquired to make her practice successful
  • The characteristics of the people in her small community that make a cash-based practice viable there (hint: it’s not wealth. AND she’s not the only cash practice in town)
  • How she ended up getting more physician referrals over time even though she struggled to do so when starting out
  • Medicare and her newfound clarity on its regulations and her ability to see beneficiaries
  • An often omitted piece of info for self-claim receipts that will cause reimbursement denials
  • How she utilizes orthotics to add to her revenue and add to the value she can bring to her patients

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