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CBP 018: Harnessing Frustration, Taking the Leap, and Creating a Niche Cash-Based Practice – Eric OliverI’m so pumped to present this episode and interview with Eric Oliver, PT of Go Beyond Exercise, a fully cash-based practice in Cincinnati with 2 physical therapists and a sports nutritionist. Eric was one of the first visitors to this website and my Cash-Based Practice Guidebook 3 ½ years ago (which I didn’t know prior to the interview) so it was especially exciting to hear about all he’s done in the years since.

Aside from PT treatment services, he and his staff offer numerous cash-pay fitness and performance services in the endurance athlete niche, and we get into all the details of how he’s had success in this business model.

More specifically, we discuss these cash-based practice topics:

  • How he minimized risk as he started his practice
  • All the things he did to develop a lucrative presence in the endurance athlete niche
  • The logistics of free presentations he gave to generate patients and referral sources
  • How he uses testimonials outside of his website to generate new patients and brand awareness
  • How to use social media in a way that actually reaches more people’s news feeds
  • How he uses high tech equipment like an income-producing employee
  • The mistake he made with how he created the pay structure for his first employee, and what he found works best in terms of employee compensation
  • The variety of performance, fitness, and educational services he offers
  • Some key advice he has for those considering the cash-based business model

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