how much should i raise my raates - cash practice pricing strategies If you’re a cash-based healthcare practice owner who’s wondering if it’s time to raise your rates or exactly how much to raise them, then the video below is for you. In it, I’m going to answer both of those questions as well as offering a number of pro cash-practice pricing strategies and explaining how you can avoid some pitfalls during a rate increase.

As a bonus, if you scroll down, you’ll find a fantastic resource for anyone who’s contemplating a price increase but really fearful about pulling the trigger. It features a brief coaching session on this topic with my Mastermind students, and it will help you see why raising rates is a no-brainer… so you can do it with minimal fear and risk.

Most practice owners experience a sense of panic when they’re looking at raising their rates. But I’ve found some powerful approaches over the years that can allow you to implement an increase in a way that feels far less like throwing yourself off a cliff. Remember, your practice can only succeed if you are willing to ask patients to pay enough for your services! Check out the video below to learn some approaches that can alleviate your fears and get paid what you deserve so you will be able to fairly compensate yourself and your staff, build the business, and provide the kind of top-quality care your patients deserve. 

More specifically, I discuss these topics related to cash-practice pricing strategies:

  • Tactics for overcoming your fear associated with increasing your practice rates.
  • How to decide if now is the right time to raise prices.
  • A safe way you can test out your new pricing to discover the “sweet spot” for your target patient population.
  • How to choose which of the possible cash-practice pricing strategies makes the most sense for your clinic.
  • How often you can raise rates so you can keep your revenue in line with your expenses over time.
  • Tips for determining exactly how much you can increase your prices.
  • How to introduce your new rates with existing and past clients so you’ll reduce pushback and the potential for losing patients.

Cash Practice Pricing Strategies: How much should I raise my rates?


I’ve got a free resource for you, my “Confidence booster training.” This coaching session on the mathematics and decision-making psychology of your leads shows me helping my Cash Practice Mastermind Students overcome their fears about raising rates.

Click below to access this free resource:


Thanks so much for checking out this week’s video… hope you enjoy the video!



Cash practice rates: how to set and raise your prices without losing patients

In the video below, I dive deep into the art of setting cash practice rates that are both attractive to patients and reflective of the transformative impact your care has on their lives.

How to Raise Prices Without Losing Customers

Learn how you can adjust your rates to stay ahead of inflation and increasing overhead costs, so you can pay yourself and your staff better every year—all with minimal pushback or loss of clients!

Is it fair to ask patients to pay more?

Learn how to overcome any hesitancy you  may feel about raising rates—or an aversion to the cash pay business model due to out-of-pocket costs for patient.



How to increase your cash pay rates, maximize profits, and minimize customer pushback on cost

In this 1-hour Masterclass, you’ll learn the exact pricing strategies Jarod’s clients use to increase their profit per patient visit by 25%-50% practically overnight. Find out how you can discover your market’s “price threshold,” so you can get paid what you’re worth while eliminating any risk associated with implementing a price increase. Check it out here.


Cash-Based Practice Freedom e-Course 2.0

If you want a fast, reliable, proven blueprint to landing Cash-Pay patients whenever you want, so you can build a highly profitable Practice that delivers the type of care you’re proud of, then check out this course!

Over the years using my unique experience & proprietary business systems, I’ve helped over 1000 healthcare practice owners expand or transition to cash-pay services. Now—for the first time ever—I’m handing over every proprietary process, system, script, document, resource, and more that my clients and I have used to create widely successful Cash-Based Practices in just about every healthcare field. Check it out here.

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