*NOTE: This is second part of my Biz Lessons from the ICU podcast series. You can listen to part one HERE.*

Last year my son, Gray, was hospitalized for more than three months. While I was more or less living at the hospital, I spent many hours reflecting on what the experience was teaching me. I wrote down many of those lessons and found that most of them applied to not just my life and my family’s, but also to my business. In this episode of the podcast, I share three more Biz Lessons you can apply to your practice.

This episode contains a lesson on shifting perspective as you start your own business, my tried and true method for providing feedback to your employees, and a challenge that will leave you a better business owner with just 15 minutes a week. It is a great combination of mindset structuring and actionable items. If you find you want more training, I’ve just recently launched my free online training, “8 Non-Negotiable Keys For Cash Practice Success”. This training was originally designed as a live webinar. However, the huge amount of positive attendee feedback I receive convinced me that this is information that should be permanently accessible to practitioners interested in cash-based practice.

In this podcast, I discuss:

  • How growing your business can change your perspective on success and, if you aren’t careful, lead to disappointment.
  • What my time in the ICU has taught me about the importance of gratitude, in my life and in my business.
  • The concept of feedback equity / complaint equity and why over-utilizing direction can actually weaken your feedback.
  • My tried and true method for structuring feedback for employees, based off my personal business experience.
  • Why spending time reviewing your own performance and results is essential to developing yourself as a business owner.

If you’d like to learn many more lessons on how to create the private practice of your dreams, click the link below to join one of my free online trainings.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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