Lesson Two – Perspective


Perspective can change so quickly. What we used to be overjoyed about can become routine and “no big deal” quite quickly. Sometimes we even become disappointed.

I remember when I was in my first few months of private practice, I used to get so excited about having 4 patients in one day. I was charging $120 per hour and was pumped about taking home $480 cash at the end of the day. Just 1-2 years later when I was booking 6-7 patients on most days and charging them $150, a day where I only made $480 became a disappointment.

My perspective had shifted due to habituation, and because of that, there was less joy and more stress whenever I looked at my patient schedule. What a shame. Instead of feeling grateful for having 4 hours of private-pay patients on my schedule, I was stressfully wondering how to improve on that number.

And as I’m learning more and more about the power of focusing on the positive while here in the hospital with Gray, this is a very common phenomenon I feel is important to bring up. I’m not saying it’s not important to strive toward your goals, and that those goals may increase over time. I’m just saying to be aware of perspective shifts if they cause you to experience more stress and less joy.


“We tend to attract the things into our life that we focus on most.”


This is one reason it’s so important to focus on your wins and the positive things in your life and business. Otherwise you are constantly dwelling (in fear) on the things that aren’t going the way you hoped. And specific to this email’s lesson: it’s important that we retain excitement and gratefulness even for the things we no longer consider such a big deal or accomplishment.


Now, let’s apply this idea to your practice or business…


Is there any component of your business that would’ve been extremely exciting to you in the past, but you now view negatively or don’t even notice? It could be daily revenue goal, staff member, accomplishment, etc. In all likelihood, it’s characteristics and value have not changed much. Only your perspective has changed.

I want you to choose one thing in your business that perhaps you have taken for granted lately, and really take the time to recognize how wonderful it still is. Next, put a repeating weekly/monthly 5-minute appointment on your calendar to repeat the above.

Not many people reading this blog post will actually do the above, but those that consistently do will see a profound change in their business and their lives. Counting our blessings, focusing on the positives, and avoiding the habit of taking things for granted are absolutely huge (especially when it feels hardest to do so!)


Everything begins with Mindset


This is obviously very mindset-oriented lesson. Those who have been following me for a long time know that I believe everything begins with mindset. That’s why the first module of my Cash-Based Practice Freedom e-course focuses solely on mindset.

Here in the next month or so, I’ll be putting on a big training webinar leading up to the open enrollment in that course. In the webinar, I will teach one component of each of the course’s modules.

And as you might guess, I’m especially excited to share an important mindset technique with you. It is one that will help you discover if you have anything “on the inside” that could sabotage and derail your private practice success, no matter how hard you work and how well you execute. Keep an eye on my emails and social media updates if you’d like to join me in that webinar.

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