CBP 061: Explosive Growth in His Full Service Performance & Wellness PT Practice: Follow Up Interview with Eric Oliver

In this episode, I’m catching up with Eric Oliver. He was originally on episode 18 of this podcast, which you can check out here. Since that aired, Eric has grown and expanded his practice immensely… He’s had a busy few years! He’s sharing all the details of how he managed to grow so quickly and successfully.headshot

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How much his practice has grown since his last podcast episode aired, including non-PT positions he’s added
  • How he pays his staff
  • How he allots treatment space for clients/patients with so many employees and contractors
  • Why he’s decided to add a business partner
  • How starting a training group has helped his business
  • How investing in his business has increased his profitability
  • Pros and cons of commission versus salary for employees
  • How brand awareness benefits his new employees
  • Benefits he offers training group members
  • What he thinks of participating in, and hosting, community events and workshops
  • How his front desk administrator is helping manage day-to-day business in his clinic
  • What he’s learned in the last 7 and a half years


Eric’s practice website

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