Well, if you’re having problems maintaining profits in your private practice (or work in a struggling one), Today in PT just published an article called “Road to Riches” that gives you some options …

You can make nearly $70/hr if you don’t mind living in rural areas an hour outside Detroit. If rural areas are too boring for you, there’s always the Texas border-towns of McAllen and El Paso … they have the second and fourth highest-paying hourly rates in the nation, and offer the unpredictable excitement of drug gangs spilling into the US. Get ’em while they last!

These options don’t appeal to you? Me either. Historically, the least desirable staff jobs in an industry offer the highest compensation, but I’d like to think the PTs visiting this site won’t have to pursue these types of positions. If you’re considering the addition of cash-services to your practice (or opening your own Cash PT practice) but something is holding you back, let me know about it. All of this site’s visitors can learn and benefit from your questions.

Interested in the cash-based private practice model?

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