The Prehab Guys Podcast: NAVIGATING TELEHEALTH WITH JAROD CARTERI was recently interviewed for the [P]rehab Audio Experience podcast. In the interview, hosts Craig Lindell and Michael Lau and I focus on potential for telehealth to not only keep a physical therapy practice operating during the Coronavirus quarantine, but also to add a new service line and revenue stream.

Listen to the full episode on The [P]rehab Guys website

Our discussion provides a nice overview on getting a practice started with telehealth. It serves as a complement to Cash-Based Podcast episode 113, with Rob Vining, and episode 114, where I explain how I quickly got telehealth set up in my own practice. These three podcasts along with my Telehealth Quick Start Guide should give you enough information to confidently introduce telehealth visits to your own patients.

More specifically, we discuss these telehealth physical therapy topics:

  • Why I decided to pre-emptively close my practice to in-person visits a couple weeks ago and the great results we’ve been getting with some of our patients.
  • The roadmap to successfully offering online visits in the short term and planning to optimize the technology’s potential for the future.
  • How pursuing services and strategies with “evergreen” potential will help you build a stronger, more-resilient business.
  • Getting started with telehealth visits, including details on the platforms I recommend and why I think they’re a good choice for beginners.
  • Ideas for testing your solution to make sure everything will work flawlessly when you go live with a patient.
  • The important information you’ll want to share with patients before their visit to make sure they have a positive experience.
  • Why a results-oriented mindset will actually help you feel more comfortable with a shift from manual therapy to telehealth.
  • How to market telehealth visits with existing manual therapy patients to overcome their resistance so they’ll give this approach a chance.
  • How I am pricing and structuring these visits to help keep the schedule full and position my practice to rebound quickly after the quarantine ends.
  • The actionable steps you can take now to move forward with telehealth physical therapy visits.

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