Scott Waddell has been building cutting-edge content management systems for more than 20 years. His company, PatientSites, has spent the past decade developing software services and tools to make owning a cash-based practice easier and more profitable. As this year’s pandemic unfolded, PatientSites was among the first to provide vital information, ideas, and support to help practices continue to operate safely so they could stay in business despite the mayhem. During our conversation, Scott shared the exciting news that PatientSites is introducing some incredible new resources to help leverage the many opportunities that have been created as a result of the pandemic. We dig into some inventive new possibilities for leveraging telehealth as well as some advanced automation tools to improve your responsiveness to patient calls and enhance the overall experience your clinic provides. And you’ll hear about the powerful new content management system that analyzes for SEO so you can create messaging that will get you on top of the search rankings where your audience can find you!


More specifically, we discuss these cash-based practice topics:

  • Creative new approaches to telehealth technology that can help convert more prospects to patients and sustain relationships long term.
  • How HIPAA requirements affect any sort of chat or remote communication system you might be considering.
  • The new bot system that can automatically interact with a prospect whenever they reach out—to get them a direct interaction with your staff or set up a consult—while you still have their attention.
  • Why you must be completely honest with site visitors about which of your systems are automated.
  • How the pandemic has changed expectations of what is considered a sufficiently “professional” video conversation and how that can increase your ability to wow your prospects.
  • The “Ask me anything” technique that has been proven to reach a completely different audience with your marketing messages.
  • Tips for building powerful micro-connections that dramatically improve audience engagement with your messages.
  • Practical steps a practice owner can take to “disaster-proof” your business.
  • How the “opportunity mining” process can supercharge your SEO results so you can effectively reach your target market for years to come.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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