CBP 134: The keys to patient-producing webinars for private practice—with Jordan MatherEarlier this year, Jordan Mather and his partner Will Boyd set out to discover why some of their clients’ online workshops were generating so much more business than others. When they realized that difference came from my Online Patient Attraction System, they reached out to learn more. This week’s podcast was recorded during a Facebook Live in which Jordan conducted a ‘reverse-interview’ with me to explore what sets apart the webinars that really produce patients from those that simply inform.

In the interview, we cover what goes into high-converting webinars and the followup strategies that are pivotal to success. 


More specifically, I discuss these cash-based practice topics:

  • How the pandemic forced me to develop a truly effective system for creating online workshops that produce patients.
  • A technique that creates a sense of scarcity for an “evergreen” webinar to increase the perceived value for attendees.
  • Why using templated marketing copy is generally so much more effective than writing it from scratch.
  • Tips for getting comfortable in front of the camera before your first webinar goes live.
  • Why I think webinars are the single best marketing approach for reaching new telehealth and in-person patients right now.
  • Details on the webinar that’s been generating tons of new patients for my own physical therapy clinic in Austin.
  • Suggestions for “disaster proofing” your practice so it can survive any upcoming economic downturns.
  • How to leverage Facebook advertising to promote your webinars.
  • Webinar registration followup strategies that will dramatically improve your conversion rates.
  • The specific characteristics that distinguish truly high-converting webinars.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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