Little-Known Keys to Converting Consultations into Cash-Pay PatientsAre you frustrated by the number of new-patient consultations who never move forward with treatment? These missed opportunities can quickly drain your resources and leave your schedule full of holes, so it’s worth some effort to become as effective as possible at turning those prospects into paying patients. Fortunately, there are some simple things you can do to dramatically improve the odds of converting consultations into paying patients.

This week marks a big milestone for the Cash-Based Practice Podcast—the 200th episode! To celebrate, I wanted to do something really special… So I decided to share an excerpt from Module 2 of my newly released Cash-Based Practice Freedom 2.0 course (see what I did with all those 2s?). This excerpt walks you through some relatively simple adjustments in your preparation and reception that will have a huge impact on how prospective patients perceive the value of your services.

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More specifically, I discuss these topics related to converting consultations:

  • Why a collection of small details can have such a large impact on the likelihood that a prospect will choose to move forward with treatment.
  • Tips for advanced preparation that will allow you to really “wow” prospects during the consultation.
  • How you can use video to make the first visit easier for new patients as well as to show a bit of personality.
  • Strategies for leveraging your EMR to help simplify intake and give the treating therapist everything they’ll need to focus the conversation on what is genuinely motivating to that individual.
  • Tactics for handling the initial phone call that will set you or your therapist up for success in the consultation.
  • Creative ideas for making your reception experience truly enticing for prospects in your niche.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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