Online reviews can be a huge deciding factor for new patients looking for care. While providing 5-star care is natural to many physical therapists, convincing patients to go out of their way to leave a review is not always easy. We have to make it as quick and easy as possible for them to leave us online reviews, and we’ve found a nice trick that makes it much easier for customers to post Google reviews for our practice.

In the video below, I go through a couple easy ways to do so. More specifically I show you how to get a link that will take you directly to the pop up box where they can leave a Google review … rather than just sending them to your Google business page and telling them to find the tiny, obscure link that says “write a review.”

I also describe SoTellUs, a no-account-needed customer review software that makes video reviews simple to record from their phones and allows clients to quickly share written reviews to platforms like Google and Yelp. These two strategies simplify the review process for patients, generating more reviews for your business and building your practice’s credibility.

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(please excuse the conversational nature of the transcription and any resultant grammatical errors):

Hey, guys! I wanted to share a quick video on how to extract a very specific link to give to your clients or patients to leave a Google review, as opposed to just giving them your Google Places or Google Business Page and then telling them to find the little obscure gray button that says “Write a review.” I’m currently reworking one of our automated emails that goes out to all new patients. We’ve been using a software called SoTellUs, which is awesome. It basically takes away the need to have a Google account or a Yelp account or download any app. Patients can create a review straight from your or your patient’s phone and then share it on multiple platforms.

But as I’m not really pushing for growth and we have a ton of reviews already, I’ve decided to save the $99/month that I’ve been paying, and I’m going to, in this email, do direct links to Google and Yelp. Unfortunately with Google, they do have to have a Google account to leave a review. The account can be based on an email that is not g-mail, but they still need some kind of account. For that reason, I’ll also leave a Yelp option. And, of course, with Yelp, they also need to have an account there. So my third option is going to be in this email, saying “If you don’t have a Google or Yelp account and don’t want to create one, feel free to hit reply and just give me a text review. I will share that on our testimonials page here.”

So here’s what you’re going to do if you want to be able to provide the link directly to where clients get the popup box to leave a review. You’re going to go ahead and pretend you’re going to do a Google review of your company. After you Google your company’s name, your business page is going to come up on the right hand side. If you scroll down, you should be able to find this little obscure ‘write a review’ button.

You’re going to click on ‘Write a Review’. Once the box comes up, then you’re going to copy the link. If you copy it before the box comes up, the link will not direct to the pop-up box.

So that’s how you extract the link that brings them straight to this point and doesn’t send them on some goose chase having them click multiple buttons to get to where they can actually leave a review. Hope this helps.

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