There isn’t a single private practice that won’t be affected by the Coronavirus pandemic in some way … some may fail, but others will flourish. This episode (and next week’s) are all about providing you with the information I feel will most help practices survive and thrive through all this …

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This podcast is from a Facebook Live interview I just did this week with Rob Vining, the leading expert on telehealth physical therapy. Rob generously made time in his super-busy schedule to help us learn how we might weather the storm of Coronavirus-related cancelations by putting this technology to work in our practices.

In this interview, Rob explains options for getting your practice ready to conduct telehealth visits, including details about specific platforms, pricing plans, legal considerations, and resources.

More specifically, Rob Vining discusses these topics related to telehealth physical therapy:

  • Who can and cannot legally use telehealth visits to see their physical therapy patients remotely.
  • Exactly how a practice that is not already set up for telehealth can get started seeing telehealth patients as quickly as possible.
  • The technical requirements you’ll need to meet so your telehealth visits will be high-enough quality.
  • Which platforms are HIPAA compliant and options that offer live-update scheduling that will enable you to keep your productivity high.
  • How you can use consent forms to ensure your approach to the telehealth option will be HIPAA compliant.
  • Getting your software setup correctly so you’ll be ready to conduct your first telehealth visit right away.
  • The 3 things you need to know before recording video of your telehealth visits and how you can legally share those videos with patients.
  • Which equipment you’ll need to keep your visits secure and professional looking.
  • How to easily get remote patients set up with the equipment they’ll need to perform your home program. 
  • The kinds of physical therapy services that are easily provided through telehealth visits.
  • Why requiring prepayment upon reservation for telehealth will help keep your schedule full.
  • How offering telehealth visits during these coronavirus quarantines can give you a huge marketing advantage.

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