The secret to success in selling injury prevention servicesIf you offer injury prevention services in your cash-based practice, you’ve likely faced a common paradox of human behavior—how do you convince people to invest time or money addressing a problem that they don’t realize they have. While it may be a poor long-term strategy, most people are far more interested in resolving acute pain than they are in optimizing their situation or avoiding a future injury. And that means you can face an uphill battle when you attempt to sell health-optimization and injury-avoidance services in a straightforward, direct way.

In this episode, I explain how you can use an indirect approach to create an opportunity to persuade your target market to seek the services they are unaware they desperately need.

This “highlight” is taken from Q&A calls with my Mastermind Gold group—a highly interactive, supportive group where people who have tons of questions and concerns about how to start, grow, or transition to a cash-based private practice get the answers, resources, and confidence they need to build the practice of their dreams. We have a group coaching call every week, and we occasionally use excerpts of those calls for this podcast.

More specifically, I discuss these topics related to selling injury-prevention services:

  • How to reach the people who genuinely need your help when they are unaware they have a problem that can be solved.
  • Creative ideas for trendy, appealing services you can offer to entice your target so you get an opportunity to show them what they really need.
  • How you can ethically use fear and scarcity tactics to motivate people to seek the help they actually need.
  • Why it’s so difficult to get a good ROI from offering injury-prevention services and which situations tend to be exceptions to this rule.

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