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5 Characteristics Common to All Successful Cash Based PracticesIn the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’d like to start by mentioning something I’m very thankful for …

YOU! My audience and supportive colleagues!

At the time of this writing, the Cash-Based Practice Podcast has now been downloaded well over 20,000 times, and has seventeen 5-star reviews!

Though I haven’t published an all-text blog post in quite a while, I have been writing a great deal in the past year. In fact, I declined to see patients this week in order to do a 3-day “book retreat.”

It was an exhausting but satisfying and successful effort to make big jumps in progress on two books I’m currently writing. I was also putting the finishing touches on something that I mentioned in my last podcast episode: a five article series titled The 5 Characteristics Common to All Successful Cash Based Practices.

What two books am I writing, you may ask …

The first is a big expansion on the Medicare and Cash-Based PT eBook that, at the time of this writing, is given to anyone who joins my email list (which you can join at the top of the right sidebar of this webpage) >>>>>>

The second book is the culmination of the massive amounts of questions I’ve been emailed and asked over the past 4 years. It’s over 50 pages long and growing. Let’s call it The Cash-Based Practice FAQ.

In today’s podcast episode, I discuss these cash-based practice topics:

I discuss these projects and also reveal the first of those 5 Characteristics Common to All Successful Cash Based Practices. It’s something I like to call “Cost-Value Ratio.” I explain 7 ways in which successful cash practices make sure they have the proper cost-value ratio and thrive in this business model.

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