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Aaron LeBauer DPT started his 100% Cash-based practice straight out of PT school, and generates about 50% of his new patients from his efforts online. From blogging, SEO, review sites, Google Plus, and Video, we cover it all in this interview.

More specifically, we discuss these cash-based practice topics:

  • The logistics of his practice and how he makes a great living while leaving a lot of time for family.
  • His average patient demographic and their mindset about treatment and value.
  • His treatment philosophy and specific manual therapy approaches he uses to get results for his patients for which they are willing to pay $125/session.
  • The things he includes on his superbill and how he quickly generates them for patients to send in self-claims.
  • How the changes in insurance deductibles are helping patients to choose cash-based practices over insurance-based ones.
  • Multiple actionable tasks you can do right away to start generating more patients online.
  • The online sites and pathways, aside from your website, through which you should be generating cash-paying patients.
  • The wording you should use and things you should mention on your clinic’s website to generate the most business. Hint: It’s Not about you and your clinicians’ credentials and training.
  • His top tips for creating videos that will generate business for your practice.
  • Recommendations for blog topics that have produced the most patients for both of our practices.

Resources and Links mentioned in this episode:

  • Lebauer PT Google Plus Page (and see the screenshot below for how his Website and Google Plus Page shows up when you search for Physical Therapy in Greensboro NC)

Interested in the cash-based private practice model?

Click Here to learn how to start your own Cash-Based Practice

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[Click to Tweet] Thank you @LeBauerPT for being an awesome guest on the Cash-Based Practice Podcast w/ @DrJarodCarter

After finishing the interview, I Googled “Physical Therapy in Greensboro NC” and below is what came up at the top of the page. Before any of the individual web page organic results are listed, you get a list of (only) the clinics with a Google Plus business page! And notice which one stands out the most … Aaron’s does because he has 12 five-star reviews while the others have none. Which one would you click on first?

A Final Note: at the time we recorded this interview, Aaron did not mention the huge program he was working on to help PTs create or transition to a Cash Based Practice. I guess he was being respectful of the show and not wanting to sound like he was trying to sell something (which I appreciate). But the morning this post and podcast episode published, Aaron lifted the curtains on his program The Cash PT Blueprint so I felt inclined to include it here .. because it’s awesome and is exactly what a lot of my audience is looking for! It’s a 6-module step-by-step guide to creating/transitioning to a cash practice, that also includes monthly Q&A as well as all his other eBooks on SEO, Blogging, and the CashPT Toolkit.

Have a look and see what you think: The Cash PT Blueprint

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