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Ron Miller PT, DPT, OCS Ron Miller of Pursuit Physical Therapy, a cash-based PT practice in Orlando FL, joined me for a great interview about his new practice.

Ron was one of the first to reach out and really start interacting with me online after I started this website. Then about a year ago he gave me the exciting news he was making the leap into private practice, and that his practice would be 100% cash-based! So I’m really pumped to have him on as the first guest of the Cash-Based Practice Podcast. He started his practice with zero physician relationships/referrals and zero patients following him from any other practices, but he was profitable within three months!

I learned a great deal from Ron in this interview and I’m confident you will too.

More specifically, we discuss these cash-practice topics:

  • The details of a very interesting and unique payment/pricing model that Ron has developed (it’s not what you might expect)
  • Important lessons Ron has learned in his first year as a cash-based practice owner.
  • The importance of “learning to sell,” and how he sells $1500 treatment packages to new patients (hint: it’s not about selling physical therapy, it’s about selling something else).
  • The most effective ways he has attracted cash-pay patients to his clinic, and the marketing methods he has used to start his practice from scratch with zero physician relationships/referrals or patient caseload.

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