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Kevin Vandi knows how to market a high-tech cash practice. 3 years ago, Kevin opened Competitive EDGE PT as a full-scale running gait lab and sports performance center. Utilizing IMU sensors, instrumented treadmills, force plates, and muscle EMGs, Kevin and his staff have been able to craft a niche in the running and triathlon markets. Competitive EDGE also provides expert PT in the soccer niche as the official provider for the San Jose Earthquakes pro soccer team. Since opening in 2015, Kevin has scaled to 4 PT’s and two full time admins in less than 3 years!

During the interview, Kevin describes the methods he found work best for marketing specifically to data-driven athletes (hint: it isn’t in newspapers). He provides awesome tips about publicizing your workshops utilizing current patients and social media. He also discusses his expansion into the dance niche, despite having no formal experience in the world of dance! Be sure to check out the resources section below, as Kevin has kindly provided a guide to the three-step video Facebook Ad series he discusses in this episode.

More specifically, we discuss these cash-based practice topics:

    • Investing a lot of capital up front instead of vs. using the bootstrapping method to build a cash practice
    • Strategies Kevin used to reach the high-caliber athlete nice even though many are already patients in hospital systems
    • Why Kevin preferred hiring an administrative aid before a second physical therapist
    • Approaching your current employer to let them know you’re opening a cash practice but would like to continue employment
    • Marketing to his high-tech, data-driven clients (hint: it isn’t the newspaper!)
    • Steps to utilizing a three video ad series to retarget and nurture potential clients via Facebook
    • Awesome tips for publicizing your clinic’s workshops and presentations
    • CompEdge’s expansion into the competitive dance niche, despite having no formal dance experience
    • The benefits being the official team therapists for the San Jose Earthquakes, an MLS team
    • How Kevin leveraged his practice to avoid any additional work comp paperwork

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