Strategies to rise above cash-pay competition in 2022The cash-pay practice model is going to see major changes in 2022 and beyond, and nobody seems to be talking about it! … That’s why today’s podcast is so important—because understanding the trends and strategies I share can mean the difference between your sustainable success or ongoing struggle and failure in the cash practice model.

Before you dive into those details, I’m holding a free online training where I’ll break down all 4 steps of my “Cash-Pay Profit Formula.” This is a literal blueprint to adding or expanding your Private-Pay patient base so you can make 2022 your most profitable year without having to increase your workload.


Okay, back to the podcast…

In this episode, I share a number of actionable tactics and additions to your customer experience that will truly set your practice apart from the growing competition, provide even better results for your patients, and make you more profitable. 

More specifically, we discuss these cash-based practice strategies:

  • How to create a “VOP Care Experience” that is so exceptional people are happy to pay out-of-pocket and forgo using their insurance to obtain that experience—and the results that come with it.
  • The financial viability of providing a truly outstanding patient experience while also making a profit.
  • Ideas for how creative scheduling can offer significant value to patients without driving up your costs.
  • How to streamline your paperwork procedures to easily improve customer experience.
  • What goes into a high-level, “wow” reception experience that will create a great first impression with your ideal patient.
  • Staffing and credentialing strategies that attract your target market and help you differentiate your practice from the competition.
  • How to craft a high-touch, comprehensive treatment approach that improves results for your patients.
  • Tips for the kinds of specialized equipment and services that are sought after by patients in your niche.
  • How to avoid leaving customers focused on cost at the end of each appointment.
  • The benefit of providing small giveaways to add value without much expense. 
  • How to set up SOPs that ensure patients feel clinicians are available when needed so they always get a speedy reply.
  • How to ensure your practice is set up to deliver improved results.
  • Strategies that help patients recognize and remember the incredibly high value they are receiving.
  • Specific tactics to make patients feel uniquely important and cared for in every interaction with your practice.

Resources mentioned in this episode:


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