How to attract new patients with a strategic promo offerIn this week’s episode, I explain how I’ve scored up to 20 private-pay patients with a 60 second pitch of a skillfully-crafted promotional offer. Seriously. 

This episode gives a lot of immediately actionable tactics on how to craft a lucrative offer that quickly attracts new customers to your practice…

But I didn’t start out getting that many customers with these types of pitches and promotional offers, so I want to quickly share some of the mistakes I made when I started out with promotions:

    • not having any form of scarcity and urgency to the offer
    • collecting interested leads when I could’ve been immediately booking appointments
    • using a free offer instead of a paid offer
    • not inserting important ‘pre-framing’ in my pitch to make sure I was attracting customers that were committed to working with my team beyond just the promo appointment.

More specifically, I discuss these promo offer related topics:

  • The easiest way to gain traction in a niche that will ensure your promo offer arrives where and when it will be most appealing to your target.
  • How to follow up with those who sign up so you begin building a relationship and increase the likelihood they will become a patient.
  • How to decide on a product/service giveaway promotion that will provide a good ROI.
  • The “secret sauce” tactic that leverages human psychology to dramatically increase the volume of signups for any offer.
  • Creative, low-cost ideas for promoting your offer on social media so your message gains enough momentum to reach a broader audience.
  • How you can use a promo offer to build a valuable email marketing list full of potential patients who are highly interested in your cash-pay services.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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