How to create an ideal patient avatar so you market to the right targetIn order to be able to attract your ideal customer, you need to define exactly who that is. This may sound self-evident, but so few businesses actually do it, it’s something I have to repeat quite often. Creating an ideal patient “avatar” for a cash-based practice should be one of the foundations of an effective marketing plan for any practice Further, in business, you’ll constantly need to make decisions that can have huge long-term impact and are often not easy to make. One of the easiest ways to take the guesswork out of decisions, is to be able to ask, “will this help me to better attract and better serve my ideal patient?”   

In this podcast, I explain what a well-defined  patient avatar should look like—using examples from my own cash-based physical therapy practice in Austin. You’ll hear about why an avatar might evolve or even multiply as your practice grows over time and how you can use the specific traits you identify for your ideal patient to know where to connect with them and how to appeal to them.

More specifically, I discuss these topics related to creating your ideal patient avatar:

  • Why you should get really specific about who your ideal patient will be if you want your work to be rewarding.
  • The reason it’s easier to find new business by focusing on a smaller niche—even though that means you’ll be appealing to fewer people overall.
  • How to use an ideal patient avatar to hone your marketing messages so they attract precisely the kinds of customers you’ll love to work with.
  • The critical questions you’ll need to answer in order to construct a really useful avatar.
  • How you can use your patient avatar to communicate with existing patients to help keep them fully invested in treatment until they reach their goals.

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