CBP 120: Creating a Webinar Workshop Script That Attracts Telehealth Patients Like a MagnetThis week marks the launch of my
Online Patient Attraction System, a course that teaches you precisely how to create webinars and online workshops that generate loads of telehealth patients for your private practice. So in this episode of the podcast, I’m sharing a segment from the course that walks you through how to create a high-converting presentation script that will ensure your webinar actually does its job of bringing patients into your practice.

You’ll learn the strategies that elite sales professionals use when creating their online presentations. We delve into the science and art of taking your audience on a proven journey that maximizes their likelihood to say ‘yes’ to your offer. This recording is just a sample of what you’ll get in the self-paced course—a comprehensive, 5-module system that walks you through the process of marketing your telehealth and in-clinic services with online workshops. The course is packed with actionable steps and done-for-you templates that clear away the guesswork and confusion, so you can generate new telehealth patients and revenue streams for your practice asap.

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More specifically, I walk you through these topics:

  • The basic components you will want to include in any professional workshop.
  • How to order your slides for maximal conversions of attendees into paying customers.
  • What you can do to make sure your ideal customer will want to show up for your workshop live.
  • The sort of disclaimers you need to include to protect you from liability.
  • Specifically how to frame your call to action so attendees will be most likely to  accept what you are offering.
  • Clever ways to use customer stories and testimonials to build credibility and preemptively overcome objections among your workshop attendees.
  • Simple ways to establish yourself as an expert with your audience, without it looking like bragging.
  • Why presenting your call to action offer early in the webinar can be important for some webinars but deadly to others. 
  • Honest ways to create a sense of scarcity or urgency for your offer to compel people to make a decision and increase your ROI.

Online Patient Attraction System

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