women drjarodcarterOver the 4 years I’ve been hosting the Cash-Based Practice Podcast, I’ve had a lot of awesome women come on as guests. While I was interviewing Sarah King today for a follow-up podcast episode scheduled for next Thursday, my business assistant Nina mentioned to me just how many episodes we’d done. Looking back at those episodes, I realized how valuable they all still are, even episodes from FOUR years ago (Sara Squires was Episode 05… we’re on episode 71). In honor of International Women’s Day, I thought I’d post a quick writeup describing all these episodes and what you can learn from them. I hope highlighting these episodes will allow them to inspire women, physical therapists, and cash-based practice owners everywhere. #IWD2018

CBP 005: Way back in May 2014, I interviewed Sara Squires for my 5th episode. 4 yrs ago, the cash-pay model was much less widely adopted. Even as a early-adopter, Sara was wildly successful in her first year and shared her strategies with my CBP audience here:

CBP 008: Early on, I interviewed Ann Wendel, who had awesome advice for networking to build a cash-practice. She shared the ins and outs of relationship building with physicians, publications, and even distance-consulting clients. Check it out here:

CBP 015: Liz Duncanson at Body Temple PT  let me in on how she started her cash-practice back in 2006. She recounted her early days working part-time and traveling to patients and then told the story of how she grew to offer 2 group classes and additional wellness services alongside her skilled PT services, drawing in referrals and helping an even larger number of patients. 

CBP 017: In episode 17, Nancy Beckley filled us in on why HIPAA exists, how the HIPAA omnibus and Jimmo vs Sebelius case could affect cash-based PTs, and what to consider when choosing HIPAA-compliant technologies. A true expert, her episode will fill you in on the world of medical regulations and make you a better business owner for it:

CBP 027: Ten episodes later, Brenda Shelton showed us all that cash-pay could not only survive but THRIVE in a small-town. How did she do it? Word of mouth after distinguishing herself with one-on-one manual therapy and her homemade custom orthotics:

CBP 029: Meredith Soelberg & Brooke Mitchell, owners of a booming cash-practice, gave us a lot of raw business info most PTs would miss. They discussed how they made a partnership work, chose their business entity, contracted personal trainers to extend their patient care and generate cash flow, and moved out-of-network with previously in-network patients here:

CBP 032: Julie Hershberg proves it: you CAN have a neuro cash-practice. Julie told us how she scaled her clinic from a single practitioner to multi-therapists by utilizing variable-hour contractors & PT students. Giving her clients even more, Julie told us about how her occupational therapy & wellness services boost referrals through the roof. Listen here:

CBP 033: Within 1 month of opening her pelvic pain cash-practice, Tracy Sher was BOOKED. She discussed how she adjusts her packed schedule based on case complexity, found a top-notch assistant, and what she learned hiring a second PT. Two years later, she has nearly eight thousand followers on Instagram, is the CEO of Pelvic Guru, and continued education and resource site for pelvic health, and continues as the owner of Sher Pelvic Health and Healing.

CBP 034: Carrie Jose started a successful cash-practice in Washington D.C …and then another in Portsmouth, NH! When Carrie moved, she had to decide whether a new cash-pay clinic could thrive in Portsmouth and what strategies she would take to generate business in an area with no other cash-based PTs and a very different clientele. Carrie talks about what steps she took the second time around and much more here: 

CBP 040: Karen Litzy is THE STAR of the home-visit PT model & host of “Health Wealthy and Smart.” She gave us great insight into the logistics and mitigation of safety risks for mobile PTs, her favorite electronic medical record and why she loves it, and how she quit her part-time job and went all-in for her concierge practice when starting off: http://bit.ly/2tw55rV

CBP 050: Sarah King is probably one of the kindest souls in the world…but she is certainly one of the best marketer. In this episode, Sarah discussed her lead magnet, “The 30 Day Challenge” that genuinely helps patients with Parkinsons, but also increased the number of emails on her mailing list 20x! We also discussed why her Facebook and newspaper ads are so wildly successful, and why she chose to specialize in treating PD patients: http://bit.ly/2oX4GtF

CBP 051: Angela Wicker-Ramos of Cancer Rehab ATX took a  strategic approach to opening her cancer rehab practice with little to no debt. She found guidance in free resources I had never even heard of, got a free business mentor through SCORE, and even used DrJarodCarter.com for insights! Utilizing a GoFundMe, Angela mitigated debt and raised awareness of her new cancer-focused clinic. AND by making her clinic multidisciplinary, she slashed the cost of rent and increased referrals. Her strategy absolutely blew me away. Listen here: http://bit.ly/2FwUrCG

CBP 066: I waited FOUR years to get an interview with Jen Gamboa, the owner of Body Dynamics, Inc, the largest cash-pay clinic in the U.S. In our interview, Jen gave us hiring tips she’s refined in hiring over 20 employees, advice on converting potential patient calls through “motivational interviewing”, insights into how her work with the Washington ballet and a free clinic influence her practice, and so much more. In this interview, it is incredibly evident why she is so successful, a wonderful listen. http://bit.ly/2p7fmpd


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