PTs and Healthcare Practice Owners:

Have you successfully implemented telehealth services but you’re unsure of how to market those services and get enough online clients?

Are you interested in building a telehealth component for your practice as a hedge against any future situations that might affect your ability to see patients in person?

Are you concerned we are heading into a deep recession and need to find new patients and create new sources of revenue for your practice?

Most practice owners are in the same boat right now: Inflation is applying pressure to patients, and that means it can be much harder to keep the schedule full. Whether in-clinic or telehealth patients, you need more of them … fast.

There aren’t many clinics that aren’t feeling the pinch right now. But those who continue to adapt, find and capitalize on new opportunities and services, and connect with their target market in new but powerful ways are doing quite well.

At my practice in Austin TX, we decided to temporarily close our clinic doors in 2020 and convert fully to teleheath services overnight. We were successful at transitioning many of our active patients to online treatment sessions, reactivated many past clients to give online PT a try, and then turned our focus to finding new patients to re-fill the gaps in the clinic’s schedule. 

And I found one strategy to be an absolute home run... 

Incredibly, I generated $4,000 worth of new telehealth patients in one hour with an online workshop (webinar), and now the recording of that workshop continues to create leads and customers for my cash-based private practice (yes, even in a recession, people are willing to go out-of-network if you know how to market and deliver a stellar experience).

Webinars are obviously not new, but using them to generate new patients (whether in-clinic or telehealth) is a relatively new concept for most practice owners.

But guess what: with the right guidance, they are quick, easy, and cheap to set up … and THEY PRODUCE PATIENTS!

I and my students are proving that informational webinars and online workshops can produce a steady stream of new patients that will help you recover lost revenue and fill your practice’s schedule once again … even in the midst of a pandemic and recession.

But if you’ve never done a webinar, it can be very difficult and confusing trying to figure out where to start, understanding the tech side of it, how to create a presentation that converts attendees into paying customers, and how to get people to actually show up!

As someone who has been doing them for years, I can tell you there are A LOT of steps and things that can go wrong (or be missed) that will keep your webinars from actually producing the revenue you desperately need.

So I’ve put together a step-by-step guide to give you every last detail on how to quickly and easily replicate the successful webinars that have been re-filling many private practices in the midst of this pandemic.

Introducing … 

The 60-Minute Patient Attraction System

A step-by-step guide on how to create webinars and online workshops that generate loads of patients for your private practice ... on autopilot! ... Regardless of whether you're treating patients online or in the clinic.

This comprehensive, self-paced, 5-module course provides you with every step needed to have your online workshop created and launched in record time.

Not only that, but I’ve included my top marketing strategies and done-for-you templates (see bonuses below) so that you can be successful even with a small email list and social media following.

You'll learn every detail of how to create a proven-to-convert webinar so that it doesn't take a large audience to generate a large amount of new patients and revenue (Ex: The $4K worth of clients I mentioned above came from a webinar with only 22 registrants and 15 live attendees!)

You get instant access to all this when you enroll:

  • The Online Patient Attraction System (value $997)
  • The Online Patient Attraction System Guidebook (value $297)
  • Bonus #1: Done-For-You Email Templates - Registration, Confirmation, Event Reminder, Promotional, & Follow Up Emails (value $97)
  • Bonus #2: High-Converting Webinar Landing Page Templates - Done-For-You Webinar Registration and Confirmation Landing Pages (value $197)
  • Bonus #3: High-Converting Online Workshop Powerpoint Template (value $97)
  • Bonus #4: How to Get Free PR and Local Media for Your Telehealth Services and Online Workshops (value $47)
  • Bonus #5: “Know Before You Go” - Webinar Analysis - A play-by-play analysis of one of Jarod’s online workshop recordings  (value $47)
  • Bonus #6: The Ultimate Online Workshop Checklist (value $27)

Total Value = $1806

*Your Cost = $997 as low as $497


Here's What Other Practice Owners Have To Say About This System ...

"When the pandemic hit I knew it was going to hit my business hard, like everyone else in the world. I am not a person to just sit idle and watch things transpire around me, I realized I needed to shift directions and do it quickly. I had certain patients that bought packages prior to the pandemic happening and panicked and wanted money back on unused sessions, so I was losing some money via sales and past packages, and I didn't have a second stream of income, so I was nervous as to how I could still make sales and keep my business afloat.

Jarod's Online Patient Attraction System that he so quickly, thoroughly, and precisely put together gave me so many ideas, step-by-step on how to launch an online workshop, from different online platforms to FB Lives, to how to market the online workshops, and how to present it, and make an offer at the end of the online workshop. 

So, I took his ideas with a Zoom Webinar and 23 booked participants in less than 48 hours, out of the 18 attendees that came to the Webinar I converted 4 clients to Telehealth clients. I then took this same concept onto FB Live with only a 24 hour notice, and booked 8 clients for free online consults, and 4 clients converted to Telehealth clients. These converted clients all bought packages, so I made $3500 in just two workshops!

Jarod's Online Patient Attraction System has so many different techniques, resources, strategies to market the workshop, how to automate follow ups, it is invaluable and now I have one monthly online workshop to bring in clients I would have otherwise had a difficult time reaching, newly postpartum moms, and pregnant mamas! This course is a must if you want to transition to our new normal of having online clients and in-person clients!"

- Jennifer McGowan, PT, DPT, OCS 

Jordan Mather of The Clinical Marketer has worked with dozens of clients doing online workshops to fill their private practice schedules, and this is what he had to say about his clients who have gone through the Online Patient Attraction System:

Let's look at the details of each module and all that you'll achieve with this course:

Choosing an Irresistible Workshop Topic and Title, & the Gear You’ll Need to Go Big

  • How to select ideal target markets that are likely to respond to this type of marketing so you don't waste precious time and money on the wrong audience.
  • How to match your webinar topic perfectly with that target market and the webinar pitch/offer, to ensure highest possible conversions of attendees to new patients.
  • How to create irresistible marketing messages to fill your webinar with prospective customers, pre-framed to be highly interested in what you're offering.
  • Vital filters and factors to make sure you choose the perfect call to action and offer for your target audience.
  • Your tech gear guide - depending on your type of webinar, you'll learn exactly what is needed to make it look seamless and professional (in a completely affordable way).

Creating an Online Workshop That Converts - Even if You're Nervous on Camera

  • There are many types of webinars and online workshops - learn which one is the perfect for your target market and your goals.
  • How to select a webinar platform that offers all the features you'll need - again, lots of options to choose from and this module will take the frustrating guesswork off your plate.
  • The look and text of your registration page can make or break your sign up numbers and the likelihood they end up becoming customers - make sure you get this part right! (and see the bonuses below for the done-for-you templates to make sure you do get it right)
  • What you say and do in your webinar will either attract business to your practice or push it away. This is another part that you can't afford to get wrong, and you'll learn time-tested patient-producing musts for your presentation here.

Fill Your Webinar with Prospective Patients

  • Email can be webinar-filling magic if done right - learn how and access done-for-you email templates in the bonuses
  • Like email, social media alone can fill huge online workshops if you know how to leverage it beyond just posting to your business and personal profiles.
  • Leverage the lost art of phone marketing and other often-forgotten channels that create buzz and connect with your ideal customer.
  • Our proven highly-effective templates and examples of all the above take the guesswork out of creating promotions that work!

Go Time—Wowing Your Audience and Producing a Powerful Live Presentation that Generates Business

  • The often-unknown details of how to get the most out of your practice-runs and be perfectly prepared for tech difficulties and other land mines on webinar day.
  • How to rehearse your presentation to specifically identify potential problems in your process or production before you go live.
  • How to manage a Q&A/chat that encourages interaction, and generates leads, without introducing problems.
  • Our detailed pre-workshop checklist makes it easy to prepare and go live with confidence that everything has been addressed ahead of time.

Follow-Up Fortunes and Post-Game Analysis

  • Your skill in the follow up with attendees and leads is one of the most important parts of this whole process. Make sure you're not leaving hard-earned money on the table due to a lack of the tactics you'll learn in this module.
  • Email, once again, can make or break the success of an online webinar - make sure your post-webinar emails are read and acted upon!
  • Use your workshop's metrics and audience data to find out what worked, what needs improvement, and how to make your next webinar generate even more new patients.
  • Learn how to assess your return on investment for any paid advertising efforts, and how to tweak ads for a better ROI.

But it doesn't stop there... All Course Enrollees get these Patient-Producing, Time-Saving Bonuses

These bonuses will massively accelerate the production and success of your webinars, giving you expert email and landing page templates, high-converting powerpoint/slide templates, and "know before you go" strategies proven to attract patients to your practice!

Bonus #1: Done-For-You Email Templates - Registration, Confirmation, Event Reminder, Promotional, & Follow Up Emails

A successful webinar requires multiple phases of emails ... Swipe my proven emails to fill your workshop and make sure those who register show up live and convert!

Bonus #2: High-Converting Website Landing Pages Templates!

Receive my done-for-you webinar Registration AND Confirmation website landing pages - You will be able to take my exact template and drop it in your LeadPages account or use it to build your own

Bonus #3: Online Workshop Powerpoint Template that Produces Leads and Patients

Get instant access to my proven-to-convert Powerpoint/Google Slides from Carter Physiotherapy’s successful webinars

Bonus #4: How to Get Free PR and Local Media for Your Telehealth Services and Online Workshops

This 12-page guide walks you step-by-step through how I personally secured free news coverage for my practice including sample press releases and other time-saving resources so you can do the same.

Bonus #5: "Know Before You Go" - Webinar Analysis

Watch a play-by-play analysis of one of my online workshop recordings so you can avoid my mistakes and duplicate my successes (this is the analysis of the $4K webinar recording mentioned above)

Bonus #6: The Ultimate Online Workshop Checklist

This course covers a lot of steps and strategies. So we created this quick reference checklist to keep you on track and make sure you don’t miss any vital steps or huge opportunities.

Total Value = $1806

*Your Cost = $997 as low as $497

"Jarod’s Online Patient Attraction System has been a huge help to me and my clinic over the past month. Like most Physical Therapy practices, I’ve had to pivot my model towards telehealth due to the uncertainty lingering around this pandemic. I knew I wanted to start doing some type of webinar or online presentation for lead generation within my niche market but had never done anything like this before. Jarod’s course broke it down into a comprehensive step-by-step process and really gave me the framework I needed to get this up and running quickly. Everything from presentation design…to the types of platforms available…to email follow up campaigns were included. All the little details he provides in each section are so valuable and gave me ideas I never would have thought of. I couldn’t be happier with the content/guidance this course provided me. Thanks, Jarod!"

- Brian Morris, PT

Frequently Asked Questions

How is The Online Patient Attraction System delivered?

After you click one of the green buttons on this page and purchase access, you will receive an email with your login information to the course website where you can access the course and the all the time-saving bonuses. The course content is pre-recorded videos and text resources that you can consume and implement at your own pace. Each module has a comments section where you can post any questions you may have along the way.

I have a lot going much time do I need to invest?

Super busy? This is perfect for you if you’re trying to create webinars online workshops without stress. The trainings and guidebook will drastically cut down the time you need to invest versus trying to figure it all out on your own. The course content is built for speed ... detailed yet concise. If you hustle to work through the course, you could be launching your first webinar in less than a week.

How can I get more support from you?

As mentioned above, each module has a comments section where you can post any questions you may have along the way. For a limited time after the initial launch of this course, I will be hosting live Q&A zoom meetings for all course purchasers. More details on those coaching calls will be emailed to the address you use when enrolling in the course.

Just like no two humans are the same, no practices are the same. And it’s for this reason that I have a private Mastermind group to ensure all my students' questions are answered, all your requests for feedback are fulfilled and you have access to me for support....and not just for your workshops but for all practice-related questions. Click here to learn more about my Private Practice Mastermind.

What if I decide this just isn't for me?

I have no doubt that once you step inside The Online Patient Attraction System, you will find that you have everything you need to start generating new patients in record time! However if for any reason you are not fully satisfied within 90 days of purchase, simply send us an email ( and I will gladly refund 100% of your investment. This means you’re able to make a risk-free investment into producing your online workshops!

Can't I just figure all this out on my own?

Well, of course you can! ….but it would take you quite a long time to piece together and learn everything you get in this course (which contains everything I've learned from years of doing webinars)? Do you really have the time to spend googling, youtube-ing and reading up on how to DIY and piece together your webinar, and likely miss out on lots of pro-tips that will make sure all your time provides a stellar ROI? Right now, I don't think any practice owners have that time. You need more patients now, and this system will get you there unbelievably faster than if you're figuring it out on your own.

I’ve spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours learning all things online workshops and webinars so that I could build my own…wins, failures and all.

In my world as an online business and practice owner, time is the most valuable currency I own. I’m sure you spend your time wisely too. So the question is, if The Online Patient Attraction System is your shortcut to more patients and income, why waste another minute without it?

About the Author

Jarod Carter opened his successful cash-based practice in early 2010 and filled his schedule with private-pay patients within six months. Since then, he has helped guide hundreds of his healthcare colleagues to create or transition to the cash-based/out-of-network practice model.

In the fall of 2011, he released his first book, My Cash-Based Practice, and began blogging, podcasting, and speaking on all aspects of the out-of-network practice model on his website His second book Medicare and Cash-Pay Physical Therapy was released in 2015.

His podcast, The Cash-Based Practice Podcast, has over 450,000 downloads. In 2019, Jarod released The Cash-Based Freedom e-Course, which guides students in the creation of a 12-month, customized action plan which guides students step-by-step to creating their dream, private practice.

Jarod is the host and head coach of the Cash-Based Practice Mastermind group, and has personally guided the creation and growth of hundreds of private practices around the US and the world.

In 2020, as the Coronavirus pandemic set in, Jarod quickly transitioned his private practice to offer telehealth services and used online workshops/webinars to maintain patient caseload and keep all his staff employed.

  • The Online Patient Attraction System (value $997)
  • The Online Patient Attraction System Guidebook (value $297)
  • Bonus #1: Done-For-You Email Templates - Registration, Confirmation, Event Reminder, Promotional, & Follow Up Emails (value $97)
  • Bonus #2: High-Converting Webinar Landing Page Templates - Done-For-You Webinar Registration and Confirmation Landing Pages (value $197)
  • Bonus #3: High-Converting Online Workshop Powerpoint Template (value $97)
  • Bonus #4: How to Get Free PR and Local Media for Your Telehealth Services and Online Workshops (value $47)
  • Bonus #5: “Know Before You Go” - Webinar Analysis - A play-by-play analysis of one of Jarod’s online workshop recordings  (value $47)
  • Bonus #6: The Ultimate Online Workshop Checklist (value $27)

Total Value = $1806

*Your Cost = $997 as low as $497

This self-paced online program will give you everything you need to consistently attract patients by hosting online workshops ...guaranteed. And I say “guaranteed” because if you don’t feel that this course is worth every penny, I’ll give you your money back within 90 days of purchase.