What do neuro, non-profits, and the NBA have in common? They are all major components of Valerie Johnson’s successful cash-based neuro practice in Dallas-Fort Worth! Valerie’s jumped on a number of unique opportunities on her  journey to cash-based physical therapy. She quit her full time job to take on her position as the neuro specialist for the Dallas Mavericks, launched her private practice on the coatends of maternity leave, and took on teaching positions everywhere from her local Parkinson’s support groups to the UNT Health Science Center.

In this interview, Valerie gives fantastic advice to those wishing to specialize, whether straight out of PT school or in the creation of their own cash-practices. The success that she found with in-person networking and marketing will inspire you to go out and build meaningful connections in your community. Splashed throughout the episode are short discussions on what to look for when hiring an SEO specialist and ways to boost your lead generation at events.

More specifically, we discuss:

  • How Valerie was able to specialize in neuro straight out of PT school
  • Why working in other peoples’ practices ultimately inspired Valerie to launch her own neuro practice
  • Finding a new space when re-establishing your practice in a new city
  • What to look for when hiring someone to improve your SEO
  • How Valerie got her job opportunity with the Dallas Mavericks
  • Awesome tips for building your cash-practice if you have a specific niche
  • The importance of building a great, professional website through the lens of returns on investment
  • In-person marketing opportunities that Valerie took to meet new Parkinsons patients
  • Valerie’s upcoming goal of starting her own non-profit and how she plans to use it help her community and build her practice
  • Utilizing quick ‘aha’ moments when giving presentations

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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