3 ways to add cash-pay patients - squared Would you like to know how you can get more patients on your schedule fast? I’m not talking about some marketing strategies that will bear fruit in weeks or months… I mean that you’d add cash-pay patients to your schedule before the end of this week. If that sounds enticing, check out this week’s video to learn some easy ways to do exactly that.

In this video, I explain 3 fast-action ways to get more cash-pay patients on your practice’s schedule. You’ll hear about 2 amazingly effective (and super easy) tactics for reactivating past patients as well as a powerful method for getting brand-new patients to contact you.

More specifically, I discuss these tactics that can quickly add cash-pay patients to the schedule:

  • How to use text messages to get new business from patients who have recently discharged or dropped off.
  • An email tactic that leverages scarcity and urgency to drive past patients back to your clinic to get the treatment they need.
  • The fast way to set up a simple Facebook ad that targets a niche or ailment, or promotes a specialized service.
  • Easy-to-implement ideas for graphics or video you can use in your ad.
  • How to create a catchy title and product description that will connect with potential patients and compel them to contact you.
  • Details for how to set up the opt-ins and call to action so you can make it easy for new patients to reach you—without adding tech hassles for yourself.
  • How to monitor ad performance so you can ensure you are receiving a good return on investment.


3 ways to add cash pay patients THIS WEEK


I’ve got a free resource for you: “Phone, Email, & Facebook Ad Scripts To Get More Cash-Pay Patients THIS WEEK,” which are my exact scripts and templates you’ll hear about in this episode.

Click below to download the exact scripts that I and my students use in our cash-based practices for the rapid patient-generating strategies in this video.

Thanks so much for checking out this week’s video… hope you enjoy the scripts!



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