CBP 046: Started in network with 15 insurance companies… now he’s down to 2!

This “reverse interview” episode is essentially a recording of a consulting call I did with a friend and colleague, Richard Symister, PT of Move Evolution PT in Brooklyn, NY.

He is looking to ramp up his practice and hire a PT and more full-time admin as he continues to drop insurance contracts and move fully cash-pay (he started in-network with 15 ins companies and is now down to 2!)

So he had a number of questions for me and we decided to record it all so you could learn from it as well.

In this episode, I answer the questions:

  • What goals did you achieve in 2015?

  • What lessons did you learn in 2015?

  • Who do you love to treat? What is your niche?

  • How do you satisfy your patient’s “emotional” needs as you provide physical relief of symptoms?

  • How did you find and match your new staff PT to your niche? How does he/she compliment your practice?

  • How is his pay/compensation structured ? Any Incentive-based pay?

  • How do you get him to “buy in” to your promotional and treatment model?

  • What products/service to you have currently that do not physically need you being there (Pilates, yoga, bodywork, etc)?

  • What is your opinion on forming relationships with physicians?

  • As far as continuing education, do you look for courses that enhance your current business skills or your clinical skills?

  • How do you keep up with and organize the constant thread of information in these two areas (podcasts, blogs, online publications)?

  • When did you know that you were ready to go out on your own and start your cash-based practice?

Resources mentioned in this episode:


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