As a continuation of my post on quickly gathering and sharing good content with your patients and followers, there’s something else I want to pass along that has made the whole process of online marketing even more efficient. If you already have a Facebook business page and Twitter account set up, have incorporated the use of Google Alerts and (or other info conglomeration sites), and still find it difficult to be really consistent with posting new content, this site is for you: Hootsuite. In fact, even if you are already consistent with all this stuff, Hootsuite will not only make the process faster but also give you tools to improve when, what, and how you post content. I’m not sure if I’ve ever used so many painfully long run-on sentences in one paragraph but there’s a first time for everything.

Efficient online marketing for a private practice

Every time you sit down at your computer to perform a task there is a certain amount of time and mental energy that goes into the preparation and completion phases of the task. Therefore, it makes sense to bunch together similar tasks and do them all at once whenever possible.

For example, rather than spending 10 minutes every other morning finding a good article/video for your Facebook/Twitter followers and then posting it, why not find 4 articles all at once and schedule them to be posted throughout the week. Hootsuite, which is free, makes this possible. There are advanced features and analytics you can pay for, but the free version allows you to do quite a lot.

During the signup process, you will add your Facebook Business page and any other social media outlets you’d like to manage through Hootsuite (Like Twitter and Linked In). It’s really nice to have them all in one place, and the user interface of this site is very easy to use and intuitive.

Scheduling social media posts for your cash practice

So use the methods described in my previous post to quickly find and gather the content, and then schedule a time each week to sit down and schedule them to post at regular intervals. It’s probably good to post something new and useful every 2-3 days.

What days and times of day are best for your posts? Well, I’ve researched this a bit, and there seems to be conflicting information. It probably depends on more factors than you can imagine and changes quite often. However, it does seem like business pages get very little action from their Friday and Saturday posts unless it’s a bar announcing happy hour specials. I’ve also read that scheduling posts to publish just before the workday begins is a decent strategy.

Over time you may want to experiment with different posting days and times and see what gets the most interaction from your followers, but keep in mind that the content of the post probably has a lot more to do with interaction than the time or day you posted it.

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