Plugging Profit Leaks Throughout the Patient LifecycleIn this episode, I explain how you can find opportunities for your out-of-network practice throughout the patient lifecycle. This topic is critical because helping your existing patients fully heal their injuries and reach their goals is one of the easiest ways to improve your practice revenues. 

You’ll hear specific tips for how to find and plug profit leaks that are costing your business money, including strategies for minimizing drop-offs from the schedule.

More specifically, we discuss these cash-based practice topics:

  • Which metrics can be used to calculate your practice averages for patient lifecycle and how to use them.
  • Why a failure to set accurate patient expectations will cost you money in the long term.
  • How to leverage psychology to motivate your patients to stick with treatment until they complete the full plan of care.

Interested in the cash-based private practice model? 

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