How to start your cash-based practice as a low-risk side hustleDo you dream of starting your own cash-based practice but are held back by the fear of what it will take to make that work? If so, this week’s podcast may be just what you need!

But before we dive into that, for those in my audience who have been following my family’s story, I wanted to share some wonderful news about my son…

We just got the news that he CRUSHED his sleep study and that he no longer needs ventilator support at night, and that we can start the short path to getting his trach out!

If you’d like to catch up on or follow my children’s amazing journeys, you can do so here.

Interestingly, there’s a connection between this week’s podcast and the reasoning behind why my son had a tracheostomy in the first place …It was so that we could bring him home from the hospital with the lowest risk possible. 

We could’ve brought him home on masked ventilation but the risk of a variety of bad things was higher than we could accept… even if it meant him having a trach and everything that goes with that.

In this episode, you’ll hear me coaching one of my Mastermind students on how they can start their practice with minimal risk, and how to appropriately minimize their fears about pulling the trigger on their own practice (and fear of not having time for family if they’re still employed and doing a side hustle practice).

So whether it’s risk or fear about starting a practice or about any big move in your current practice, listen to this week’s episode on how to successfully deal with these common issues. 

More specifically, I discuss these topics related to starting a cash-based side hustle:

  • How to alleviate the financial risks associated with the startup phase, so you can comfortably begin creating your own practice instead of investing all your energy into someone else’s dream.
  • Strategies for keeping your overhead low in order to give yourself the best chance of seeing a profit early on.
  • Why my recommendations on the best approach for opening a cash-based clinic vary according to the unique goals of the practice owner.
  • The minimum logistical considerations to address before you start seeing patients.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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