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first episode of the cash-based practice podcastYep! I started a podcast on the cash-based practice business model! I’ve wanted to do this for a very long time, but it has been tough to add it to an already full schedule at the clinic. I’ve already recorded a few of them, and I’m having a blast with it. My first interview with a cash-practice owner will be published tomorrow, but due to technical requirements I needed to publish the intro episode on its own first.

In this first episode, we discuss these cash-practice topics:

  • Why the cash-based business model is becoming ever-more important
  • Why I’m doing this podcast and what to expect from it

For those who prefer to read…

Why I’m Starting a Podcast: 

  • Interviews. This was the first and biggest reason I began thinking about Podcasting and followed through with creating one. Audio is a far better medium for them than simple text and email. Though there are many common threads and similarities between the cash practices out there, no two practices are the same and I want to feature as many sides of this model and ways to make it work as possible (not just my own personal practice story and marketing approach).
  • So people can listen while driving, exercising, etc. I’m crazy about time and the efficient use of it. I listen to business podcasts pretty much non-stop in the car, so I wanted to provide the same opportunity to those interested in this business model. Since most people who visit my website aren’t going to take the time to read every post, I’ll also be doing episodes that highlight many of the topics I’ve already shared as written blog posts.
  • To expand the ways in which people can find this information and how they can consume it. Getting this information out there is becoming increasingly important and sought after as reimbursement for our services gets worse over time. I don’t want to see any of my colleagues go out of business because they weren’t armed with the information necessary to make changes in their practice to ensure they don’t just survive, but thrive in the future.

I also don’t want to see the average quality of care that the consumer receives at a healthcare clinic fall lower than it already is. As practitioners are forced to see more and more patients per day to maintain profit margins, there is no way to avoid a decline in quality of care. So this isn’t just about how much we get paid as practitioners… this is also about those seeking out great healthcare, and trying to make sure there will always be practices out there with the capability to offer the highest quality care.

What to expect

I’ll try to keep the podcasts to 30 minutes or less, but no promises if I’m in the middle of a great interview and the information is flowing.

I’m a PT and most of my guests will likely also be PTs, but many cash practice concepts and marketing approaches will be applicable to other similar practitioners and businesses including chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, personal training, counseling, and even medical practices; so I will try to keep the scope and language of the podcast broad, but there will certainly be a slant toward physical therapy.

I’m not preaching that everyone in private practice should be striving for a cash-based business model. I would say that fully cash-based practices are actually not a possibility in all areas and situations. What I am saying is that given the current trends and likelihood of things worsening, healthcare practitioners (especially smaller private practice owners) really will need to create revenue streams not reliant on 3rd Party Payor reimbursement.

On that same note, many of the marketing tactics we cover will be applicable and effective even for insurance-based practices, so you even if you aren’t obsessively interested in the private-pay business model, you will still get a lot out this podcast for general healthcare and wellness marketing tactics and advice.

I will soon be setting up a call-in system at which you can leave a voicemail with questions and comments that I will respond to on the podcast.

So make sure you click the little subscribe button here because I’m going to make sure that every podcast has great content for anyone interested in this important business model.

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