Continuing with the theme of my last post, let’s take a look at your website’s homepage and discuss a tactic I use to convert visitors into patients (or at least compel them to look further into my site and not bounce to another).

A successful strategy for a private physical therapy practice homepage

The marketing technique that I have found successful for my Clinic’s Homepage goes something like this:

  1. Get the visitor answering “yes” to carefully crafted questions about potential problems/pain they are dealing with.
  2. Create an emotional association with that problem (ex: the pain is keeping them from doing things they love).
  3. Then inform them that you have an answer to their problem (sounds pretty similar to the About Page strategy, right?).

Some keys here are:

  1. Keep it Short and Simple – As a whole, the homepage should not be cluttered with tons of options and text. Not many people will read multiple long paragraphs on a homepage. They need to be hooked quickly and asked to complete your desired action, which leads to #2.
  2. Make sure you have a Call to Action (ex: “Call us now …” “See our testimonials …” “Click here to receive more info …” etc)

Optimize your homepage with video

Another way to really maximize the impact of your homepage is to use video. People love video and I’ve seen a number of studies that show it to produce far greater conversion rates than text and static images alone. (Aside: “conversion” simply means that the visitor completes a desired action … giving an email, clicking a link, etc)

Consider a short, professionally done introductory video on your Homepage which follows the above principles … Get them to answer a few “yes” questions and tell them how your practice will solve their pain/injury issues. Connect the idea of solving their pain with imagery of activities/goals that your prospective patients are likely to have (ex: running without pain, working out hard, picking up their child with ease, etc). Finish with a call to action: “Call us now…” or “Click above to explore this site and see why so many people choose _____ for their Physical Therapy needs,” etc.

I italicized “professionally done” above because this is definitely not a place to use a home-made style video. That’s okay when shooting treatment before/after videos, etc… but on the homepage of your site, a poor-quality video can turn people away rather than compelling them to set an appointment.

Get them saying “yes” to your messages

I’m sure there are plenty of marketing professionals who would suggest approaches other than those described above for homepages. However, the technique of getting people to answer “yes” to specific questions and offering a solution to the problem/emotions evoked by those questions is widely used, and for good reason.

What are some marketing techniques you use on your site that you know create new patients for your business?

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