The About Us page of any service-oriented website will be one of the most viewed of all the website’s pages; if not the most viewed. In a world where the vast majority of people do online searches and visit a company’s website before deciding to do business with them, it is critical that your site converts visitors into patients; and the About page, with all its traffic, is a key place to do exactly that.

Your About page should explain how you help patients

I’m going to start by pointing out a very common mistake that many practice owners make on this highly viewed portion of their website: they think that the About page is simply the story of their the practice and the details ‘about’ them and their clinic/staff.

Your About page should of course include all of that information, but you need to first convey what it is ‘about’ your clinic that will solve the visitor’s problem. What is it ‘about’ you and your practice that makes them lucky to have found themselves on your About page? They need to have assurance that they are in the right place before they will pick up the phone and schedule an appointment.  In other words, they need to know that you have an effective solution to their pain and that you can get them back to doing the things they want and love to do.

Writing your About page

How do you communicate this message? Be creative and eloquent with your wording, but you basically need to convey to them: “If you are in pain/injured, you are in the right place. We have a solution for you, and if you come to this clinic, your pain will not always hinder you from doing the things you need/want to do.” It’s a simple but very important message for your site visitors to read (and/or see on video).

If you have a niche type of practice or really specialize in a particular type of patient/treatment, this is definitely a place to mention that as well. For example: “If you’re an injured runner, you’ve come to the right place. We treat runners of all levels with a very high success rate, and are equipped with the tools, knowledge and skills to get you running without pain as quickly as possible.”

Once you’ve done this, it is then time to explain more about your practice and what sets you apart from other Physical Therapy Clinics (or Massage/Chiropractic/Orthopedic groups). This is also a place to give information on the credentials and training of individual practitioners/staff.

Encourage website visitors to contact you

Every page of your site should have one primary goal, and in many cases that goal should be to get the visitor to call and make an appointment. Though the above information may make them want to call, often times people still need to be told exactly what to do before they will act. For that reason, you need to find a place in your About page to skillfully insert a “call to action,” which is basically something that conveys the message: “call us now …”

Include personal information

And finally, don’t forget to add some personal information to let them know you’re not a white-coat robot with no life outside the clinic. This is a good component to finish with if you didn’t already cover it when highlighting each staff member.

[Aside: The About page is not the place to create an FAQ. I definitely encourage you to have an FAQ, but make a separate page for it.]

I’m not saying it’s perfect, but here is the About Page for my clinic’s website. You can also check out the About Page for this site, which follows the same general principles.

Key elements for an About page

So, again, your About page should include at least these four things:

  1. Convey that your clinic has the answer to the visitor’s problem.
  2. The details/story of your practice and what sets it (and its practitioners) apart from the competition.
  3. A call to action.
  4. Some personal information to help relate to visitors on a non-clinical level.

Like many of my posts, this has turned out to be another one that is applicable to any Physical Therapy practice owner (or future practice owner), not just those interested in Cash-based PT. So please pass this along to your colleagues and share it with anyone you feel it would benefit.

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