Interested in cash-based private practice but unsure of the legalities or how to attract enough cash-pay patients?

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The Cash PT & Medicare Quick Start Guide … and …

  • Explains when you can and cannot accept cash-payment from a Medicare beneficiary based on your provider relationship with Medicare.
  • Why physical therapists cannot “Opt Out” of Medicare but how that does not eliminate all opportunites to provide cash-based treatment.
  • How regulations on “maintenance care” have changed, and how medical necessity and the Therapy Cap fit into the private-pay model.

The 5 Characteristics Common To All Successful Cash Practices

  • All successful cash-based practices have the same 5 characteristics in common—learn them now.
  • Start to understand exactly what it takes to create a cash-based practice and how you can free yourself from insurance companies and create the practice of your dreams.
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About the Author

First and foremost, I try my best every day to win the “husband and father of the year” award. In 2015 I married the girl of my dreams, and in January 2018, Jenny and I welcomed our amazing twins into the world, Adelaide and Gray.

Waaaay before all that, I attended The University of Texas where I was a Diver on the National Champion UT Swimming and Diving Team. After graduating with High Honors in Kinesiology, I attended The University of St. Augustine due to its reputation as a leader in Manual Therapy training. In 2005, I earned my Doctorate in Physical Therapy, and graduated Valedictorian of my class. Aside from acquiring the certification in Manual Therapy (MTC), I earned one for Strength and Conditioning (CSCS).

In Spring 2010, I started Carter Physiotherapy, a fully cash-based physical therapy clinic where we provide an hour of one-on-one care in every treatment session. Via creative marketing and a reputation for getting fast results, my patient schedule was full within 6 months. I have purposely kept the practice small while working on other business interests, but I do have a full-time PT and part-time PT who stay quite busy but enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of working in a cash-based practice. After years of setting up marketing and administrative systems, Carter Physiotherapy is a low-overhead, smooth-running machine that provides high-level care and customer experience. Best of all, it doesn’t require a great deal of my time.

When I’m not running my practice or working on helping others start or improve theirs, I enjoy time with family and friends. Though I’m currently far from the ocean, I absolutely love surfing and just about anything to do with water sports. Life is good and I’m a lucky man.


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