Confused about when you can legally accept 
private payment from a Medicare beneficiary?

Don't Guess!! You could endanger your practice or miss out on big opportunities!

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  • When you can and cannot accept cash-payment from a Medicare beneficiary based on your provider relationship with Medicare.
  • Why physical therapists cannot "Opt Out" of Medicare but how that does not eliminate all opportunites to provide cash-based treatment.
  • How regulations on "maintenance care" have changed, and how medical necessity and the Therapy Cap fit into the private-pay model.

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Medicare and Cash-Pay Physical Therapy is a very in-depth explanation of an extremely complex and confusing subject. All in all, a tremendous resource for anyone in or contemplating a Cash-based private practice and what their options are for dealing with Medicare patients.
~ David A. Wilderman, PT, DPT, MS
Wilmington, DE

Medicare and Cash-Pay Physical Therapy has given me the tools to not only understand Medicare, but to make it work in my business. Before reading this book I was unsure of many things regarding Medicare and my cash-based business, so I just didn't see Medicare patients at all. Now I have the understanding and confidence to see these patients without fear or stressing about what I can and can't do.
~ Dr. Allyson Sunderman, PT, DPT, PYT-C
St. Augustine, FL

Whether you are cash based or not, this book is essential for having a place to look up the facts, questions and answers we all need to know to steer carefully through the Medicare guidelines. It has not only been a pleasure to read, but also useful to someone with 36 years of professional and private practice experience.
~ Larry Greenberg, PT, MS, M.Ed., Greenberg Physical Therapy
Martha’s Vineyard, MA.

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