Could Telehealth be a Solution to Obtaining New/Updated PT Scripts to Legally Start or Continue Treatment?

Ever have problems with patients needing a PT referral to start or continue treatment, and they can’t get one in time? Or the damn physician office won’t return your updated script request fast enough?!

This issue is a serious problem for my practice so I’m exploring options for how patients who want to start/continue treatment can quickly and easily get a script … and I’ve turned my attention to Telemedicine.

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Next week, I’ll be attending a conference with thought leaders andexecutives of Telehealth companies to see who would like a steady stream of clients in need of a quick consultation to get a PT script.

If you’re dealing with the same problem and would like to team up with me to establish these relationships, meet me at this conference and let’s find some solutions to this ridiculous but revenue-killing problem >>

** Where it says “Buy Tickets,” after you click “Next”, Use the discount code CBP550 for a 55% discount!!

Hope to see you there!

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