CBP 065: Growing from Solo Practitioner to Multi-Therapist Cash Practice: Catching Up with Aaron LeBauer

In this episode, I catch up with Aaron LeBauer after more than 3 years since our last interview on the podcast. He has been working hard to grow his cash practice from being a solo practitioner to having 2 other staff members. A lot has changed since we last talked on the podcast, both personally and professionally, and this episode is filled with wisdom from a practice owner who has helped hundreds of others to create their own cash-based practice!
Aaron Lebauer DPT – Cash practice owner and SEO specialist

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How proving everyone wrong about the cash practice model stalled his clinic growth
  • The best decision he’s ever made as a business owner
  • Why it took him longer to hire a staff PT than an office assistant
  • How he reached his goal to be able to take time off without closing his clinic (or losing income)
  • His top tips for getting past not being able to “see the path” and being a leader in life
  • Why he opted to hire a new graduate instead of someone with more experience in the field
  • How he ensures his clinic’s services are consistent and reliable across therapists
  • How hiring a staff therapist has allowed him to stay off the phone
  • How getting past his own ego benefitted his practice
  • Characteristics he looked for when hiring a new graduate and how he structured his mentorship
  • Why I opted NOT to take on new graduates or mentees, and why Aaron will adjust his future ads for new graduate hires
  • The big task he assigned his mentee and how it will help Aaron when the time to hire his next new graduate
  • How he is generating patients for his practice (and what’s working best)
  • How he uses automated emails to encourage patients to tell their family, friends, and co-workers about his clinic/services
  • How he’s changed the way he speaks to patients over the past few years and how making one key change drastically improved his conversion rate of leads to customers.
  • How to make it easy for patients to leave reviews for your practice on Yelp or Google
  • Aaron’s course offerings and master classes


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Aaron LeBauer November 28, 2017 at 3:51 am

Hey Jarod,
Thanks for sharing this! It was a honor being an guest on your podcast again. I hope this information helps inspire others passionate therapists to step out and knock down some barriers.
Keep on rockin’!


Dr Jarod Carter November 28, 2017 at 12:26 pm

Thanks Aaron! Was a pleasure having you on the podcast again … always full of great advice and information!


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