CBP 063: HUGE news! (And Talking Shop with Paul Gough and Students From his Accelerator Program)

Big news! I’m going to be a dad … to TWINS! My wife, Jenny is due early in February and we’re SO excited to welcome our little ones.

And more big news … I’m holding my first in-person cash practice workshop event! I’m bringing in 10 current or aspiring practice owners who want to start a cash-based practice or want to take their existing cash-based practice to the next level. Attendance will be via application only. At the time of this writing, 3 spots are taken so if this is something you’re interested in, you can get more details and apply here

And now, one last piece of news… Paul Gough is starting a new round of his New Patient Accelerator Method course. If you’ve been on the fence about taking this course, now is the time to decide… Paul has put together an awesome program based on his years of experience and success in creating a 4-clinic cash-pay practice! This program has made an enormous impact on my practice and many others in my audience. UK-based cash-practice owner

In this episode, Paul took time to chat with me and other students from his New Patient Accelerator course when he was in Austin several months ago. We got together at a nice little outdoor place and chatted about many different topics. I hope you enjoy hearing Paul’s insights.

You’ll learn:

  • Why Paul favors Facebook advertising and marketing over traditional in-person marketing
  • How he approaches market research when looking into how presentations about ergonomic techniques can be profitable for him and how he gets his foot in the door with businesses
  • Why he prefers to do regular presentations at businesses without contracting with the companies themselves
  • Why having great follow-up procedures is crucial to successful conversion
  • How you can use email marketing to shape your future conversations with prospective patients
  • Why it’s critical to keep treatments focused on your patient’s goals NOT on eliminating their pain
  • Why patients are more likely to stay in a physical therapy program they came to via email reports/marketing than when a physician sends them


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