CBP 062 From Solo Cash Practitioner to 3 Full-Time Therapists in 2 1/2 Years! – Catching up with Danny Matta

This episode is a follow up interview with Danny Matta, who originally appeared on my podcast a couple years ago. You can check out his first interview here . Danny started out as a PT in the Army, then opened his own practice in a room at a Cross Fit gym. Now just 2 1/2 years later he’s running a booming practice with 2 other full time PT employees! We cover tons of great information on how he’s managed to build his practice while utilizing niche marketing.danny matta

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How he built his practice from working on his own in a room attached to a Cross Fit gym to having multiple full time PT employees at multiple locations
  • What services he offers at his clinic aside from physical therapy
  • Why he places so much importance on his company culture and values (including continuing education of his employees)
  • What his “core values” are and how they guide his decision making
  • How he’s marketed to gain non-Cross Fit patients
  • How he keeps in touch with and educates his community through presentations, regular email newsletters, and his podcast
  • How he uses segmentation to get better open rates on his email marketing
  • Why he uses quarterly content planning instead of writing each email individually
  • How he uses targeted ads on videos to convert more people to customers and patients (and how he avoids “ad fatigue”)
  • Why he doesn’t like to outsource marketing
  • Why he doesn’t stick to just PT posts on social media and why he’s started responding to reviews quickly
  • How and why he tracks referrals to benefit his business
  • Why he gives referral gifts (and why you need to be careful doing so!)


  • If you’d like to learn all the details of how Danny has had such great success in the cash-based business model, check out his info-packed course guiding you step-by-step to doing the same with your practice: The Gym PT Blueprint [affiliate link]

[Click to Tweet] Thanks @DannyMatta for being an awesome guest on the Cash Based Practice Podcast!

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