CBP 060: Managing a Home-Based Cash Pay Practice from Around the World: Interview with Ben Gold

In this interview, I’m chatting with Ben Gold PT, a cash-pay practice owner who was first on the podcast back in 2014! He had established a home/office-visit cash based practice in New York City, but was just a few months away from moving back to Australia and attempting to maintain his NYC practice from afar. You can check out that first interview here.

Interview with Ben Gold – Private Pay Practice owner

We weren’t sure how it was going to go at the time and now the listeners finally get to hear how he has kept things going strong!e In this episode, we discuss a ton of aspects of managing a practice that he handles from thousands of miles away, and how he has repeated his success and opened 2 similar practices in Melbourne, Australia

More specifically, you’ll learn about:

  • Ben’s new business ventures since his last podcast appearance and how they’re similar to what he’s done before
  • How Ben markets to “mums”
  • Why Ben decided not to sell his business and how he made the transition to managing it from so far away
  • What lead Ben to start billing out of network at his New York practice and why he outsources that task with no regrets (and how he pays for that service)
  • How Ben uses Slack to manage his New York business efficiently
  • How Ben’s preparing in case he needs to replace an employee or service
  • Why Ben doesn’t like to micromanage his staff
  • How losing patients and staff have helped him develop better contracts
  • How Ben finds new physical therapists without traditional ads or job listings
  • The most important factor in selecting new hires
  • Why Ben wants to continue seeing patients himself, even with systems in place
  • How Ben provides both patients and surgeons value to help build a referral base for the future

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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